Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Tribute to Bonnie Blue

My dear dog niece, Bonnie Blue the Catahoula Hound, passed away tonight. She had severe heart failure and was put to sleep to spare her pain. She left this life with her two favorite people in the world by her side giving her immense love and the ultimate gift. She was 11 years old.

Goodbye sweet Bonnie. You will be missed and you will always be loved.

Bonnie as a puppy and Elpy the pug

Bonnie as a Mama

Bonnie as a hiking companion

Bonnie as Mama's little girl

Bonnie as a friend to small animals

Our blue and brown eyed sweet girl.


mumrik said...

rest, bonnie, and then run, run, run over at the rainbow bridge!
maybe you could even look for my baby, a bearded collie boy named totte, who crossed the bridge one month ago, on february 4. he was almost 13 years old, so maybe he could be your boyfriend or something?

i'm waiting for totte's little sister to be born, and while i wait, i write a blog about my feelings of losing totte, and my hopes and dreams for my future life with totte's little sister!

/ mumrik

Leah said...

This is sweet. Thanks so much.

It is hard (I have never felt this kind of loss) to be without her in our lives, on our couch, in our bed, and so happy to see us.

But, now her fur is on our couch and bed...and that will one day be gone too.

This love I have that I can actually feel, in my body will not ever leave. This is what Bonnie's enery/Spirit turned into, I think...Pure Love. She was pure love in a doggie body. She loved Markus and me so much.

The best do I have ever known...and I know she is safe and is still with me. xoxoxxxxxxxxxooooxxxx... I love you sweet Bonchen. L

Anonymous said...

there is no loss like that of a beloved furbabe. rest well sweet girl. run free by the bridge..