Sunday, March 22, 2009

They Did It!!!

At the obedience trial yesterday Katie was the first of our two to go in the ring. She qualified for the third time and earned her Rally Novice title. I am so proud of her. In today's competition she was bumped up to Advanced, so we will have to see how she does. It's going to be tough for her...being off lead with so many distractions. I don't have any expectations. We are just going to go, have fun and get in some practice.

Louie went in the ring for the first time ever and did great. He qualified (earning his first of three legs) and he won third place!!! What a great debut! Hopefully Louie will earn his second leg today.

Me, Katie and Louie in the ring with some of the competition. It wasn't an easy course. Four people did not qualify.

Me, the Kids and their ribbons. Louie is very proud of his ribbons :-)

Me and my baby boy, Louie

Mama loving on Louie as big Sister looks on

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