Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Katie and Big Katie

Last night during our visit to the nursing home we met a little girl named Katie. Her mother and I started calling her little Katie and Katie the Newf we called Big Katie. This picture is a bit distorted because I took it with my phone camera and Big Katie doesn't look nearly as big as she really is since she is sitting further away from the camera.

Little Katie was fascinated by Big Katie and wanted to circle around her to check her out from all angles. Big Katie became a bit nervous about this unusual behavior, so I had Little Katie feed her some treats so BK would relax. Big Katie took the treats very gently as she always does. I think if we had a bit more time the Katies would have become good friends.

Thanks again Little Katie for feeding Big Katie! It was fun to meet you and your mom.

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with love, Madison said...

That is so nice that your Big Kate made a kid-friend! Madison seems to do really well with children, but there are not really very many of them around us. We look for opportunities to introduce her to kidlings. They are so different from adults - they move differently, smell different (delicious!), and make really loud, high pitched noises!