Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Ultimate Counter Surfer

Earlier today, my mother's intuition kicked in when I heard a tiny little noise coming from the kitchen. I was not prepared for the scene in front of me. How could anyone be?

My heart definitely skipped some beats as I visualized my baby falling off that counter. I told him to "Wait" which he is really good at and we quickly snapped these pictures.

Our Louis is normally quite an angelic little puppy and is not a counter surfer; however, his 9 month old hormones are in overdrive and he has started doing some strange things lately. There was a jar of honey on top of the microwave...I guess that's what he was after. Little goofball :-)


It was easy for him to get up there by hopping up on the window seat - not so easy to get down though. Don't worry. We very carefully lifted him off the counter and gently set him on the floor. Then we set up a barricade to avoid a repeat performance.

Yesterday Louis carried about 20 toys outside; he usually only plays with one or two a day. Today, he is counter climbing. What will tomorrow hold - yikes!?!?!?


Cmdrted said...

Louis, Oreo here;

Let me give you some tips on proper counter surfing:

1. Under no circumstances make noise. I know it's hard, but it's a sure way to get busted.

2. Be realisti on what you want. Stuff with Jars and lids are hard to deal with, especially sticky stuff like honey. The reward is great, but the effort is tremendous.

3. Strike while the iron's hot stuff is much easier to snarf and run.

Those sre some easy pointers for you. Try and be more careful in the future;

Your fellow surfer;

Mrs. Trumbles Oreo Cookie, or just plain Oreo!

Ang said...

The largest counter surfer I have ever seen! Caffrey has been in some strange places but he never made it up on the counter...(that I know of!!).

Charlotte said...

Oh, my goodness ! How cute ! Honey isn't as big as yours, only 40 lbs. but when she gets into my lap it is a lot !

Wondered if you dressed the dogs up for Halloween ?

Charlotte and crew

Melissa said...

Ah yes, the joys of adolescence. Every day holds surprises.

Gorgeous, gorgeous pup!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Wow. I thought WE had a problem when we found a HUSKY on the counter. I can't imagine the shock of seeing a big, beautiful Newfie up there.