Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Happy Haus

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house this year. My sister Leah flew in from New York, my mom and stepfather drove up from Southern Arkansas and my Cousins Carrie, Jay and Adison (pictured below) drove down from Northern Arkansas. It was wonderful to have our little house filled with people we love and whose company we truly enjoy.

Leah, Carrie and Adison

The dogs did very well with Adison. Louis especially adores little girls so he was thrilled to have her around. Adison got very brave around the dogs and decided it would be fun to try and touch Louie's tongue. Louie, who is just about the most laid back dog in the world, was not at all phased by this. I asked her to do it again so I could get it on film. Louie is so black that he doesn't show up well, but my cute cousin does :-)

Next Adison fed Katie and Louie carrots.

Mom and John on their 17th wedding anniversary which sometimes falls on Thanksgiving Day as it did this year.

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The Zoo said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love seeing families together and so happy. Your little cousin Adison is ADORABLE! What a beautiful little girl!