Sunday, November 30, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods...

The day after Thanksgiving my sister Leah and I drove 5 hours round trip to visit our Grandmother. The last time I visited her she mentioned that she wished I had brought one of the Newfs along. To fulfill my Grandmother's request we took Katie with us. I thought she would be the best choice of my two since she is a therapy dog, is more mature than Louie and is used to being around elderly people using walkers.

My grandmother is 90 years old and is doing extremely well. She is very independent and still manages to bake cinnamon bread from scratch to give away to people who are in need of a love-filled gift (Leah and I were fortunate recipients). Grandmother is also very active in her community and is always finding a way to help others.

When she met Katie, Grandmother said she had never seen a dog that big in her life. She is not much for indoor dogs, but I think she really enjoyed having Katie around for an afternoon. It was very strange to see Katie in my Grandmother's kitchen, but Katie just acted nonchalant like she had been there many times before.

We had a lovely visit and enjoyed some of my Grandmother's Southern cooking. She made a special vegan lunch for me, Leah and my Uncle Brian.

Guess who is Under my Chair?

"Just Like Home"
Katie wanted to lie near my feet under the table while we were eating. Later in the day when we took a meditation/nap break she laid on the floor beside the bed just like she does when I meditate at home. She is such a creature of habit even in new places.

Leah commented after we left that she had never met a dog as mellow as Katie. [Bonnie and Bill, if you are reading this, can you believe that??? LOL] Katie didn't start out this way. She used to be quite a wild child, but she is maturing into a lovely Newfie girl. The terrible twos definitely do not apply to Katie.

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The Zoo said...

What a great way to spend a day! I miss my Grandmother so much. Cherish every moment you can with yours! Katie is such a good girl!