Monday, October 27, 2008

Rally Time


When we went to the show in Hot Springs a month ago I was incredibly nervous. My main goal for our second show this past weekend was to stay calm. At the show I spent some time watching other people go ahead of me and saw lots of people making mistakes. These were people in the excellent class - years of training ahead of me and Katie. I wasn't glad they made mistakes, but I did feel a lot of admiration for the way they continued on no matter what happened. I started feeling at peace and I was able to stay relatively calm the whole time. It also helped a lot that Gary, Bill and Bonnie (our breeders), Pat (our rally teacher), and some of my friends were there. I got a lot of encouragement and helpful tips.

Sunday Katie got her second Rally Novice leg. When we first went in the ring we started off great until Katie saw the judge. She decided to be her usual friendly self and tried to go say hi to him. Yikes! We totally screwed up the next station, but after that I was able to get her pretty much back on track and we managed to qualify. I was thrilled that we got our second leg and so glad we got some more ring experience.

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