Saturday, October 4, 2008

Making Friends

Thursday night Katie and I made our first Nursing Home visit and it went very well. Katie was beautifully behaved and mostly well received by the patients and the staff. There were a few patients who were not the least bit interested in visiting with us and a few who were just a little bit afraid. I tried to give everyone plenty of space and only approached those who seemed receptive. When I asked one woman who was in a wheelchair if she would like to pet Katie, she shook her head as her eyes widened a bit. "I'm too afraid to pet her," she admitted, "but I sure do like to look at her."

Another woman stopped her wheelchair in the hallway when she saw our group of three people and four dogs coming her way. She began telling us about how much she had loved her own little dog long ago. My companion offered up her little Yorkie to sit in the lady's lap. The lady said, "Give me a kiss" and little Randy the Yorkie happily obliged. After she returned Randy to his owner she turned her attention to Katie and again asked for a kiss. I was a bit concerned about what she would think once the reality of Katie's giant drooly tongue touched her face, but her face lit up with total delight as Katie gave her a few sweet kisses.

My human companions have been coming to this nursing home for years with their dogs so they know which rooms contain the real dog lovers. When we entered the room of their dogs' greatest fan it was obvious that she was expecting us. She said something like "There are my friends. I saved my Cheerios for you". She was introduced to Katie who she liked instantly. We stayed about 15 minutes. As we were leaving she said "I love you Randy, Bonnie and of course Traveler." Then she turned to Katie and said "And I love you too Katie". She turned to me "Will you come again?" Yes, we most definitely will.


Sue (aka Soo) said...

Oh, this was such a wonderful post. A year ago my mom and I were in a nursing home for a couple of month's while we healed after a car accident. A few folks brought their dogs in once a week and it was a special treat for us because we've always loved animals.

You're being such a blessing, even for those who can't respond. I love your big beautiful Newfie.
Two big WOOFS for this post!!


Kathryn and Ari said...

That's so wonderful! You're our role models: some day, we hope to do the same. In the meantime, we love hearing about Katie's success!