Sunday, September 16, 2007

YEAH!!! We Made it Out of the Review Room :-)

The CCAA in China has completed their review of dossiers submitted during the month of July 2006. Our dossier was logged in on July 22, 2006, so now we know that our dossier passed through the review process without any problems and has moved into the match room. This is the last piece of information we will receive until we get our referral. Earlier this month the CCAA sent out the September referrals and they only covered 4 calendar days. I think the process may speed up a little bit in a month or two, but we are still estimating getting our referral late next year at the earliest.

P.S. The above picture is of some surprise lilies which were growing in our yard. I thought it was a fitting picture to go with this good news about our daughter Lily.