Sunday, September 16, 2007


Katie, Gary and I went to visit Katie’s sister Rose and their wonderful breeders. In the first picture Rose is chasing Katie. In the second one the roles were reversed. I know the second pic is a little out of focus, but it’s hard to capture these two crazy girls on camera. They don’t like to be still when they are together. I love how Katie’s tongue is pointing straight out and Rose’s ears are flapping like wings.

Sisters enjoying the view together.

Rose is in front of me saying “Hey lady, how about some more of those yummy salmon cookies? I’m drooling just thinking about them” Katie says “Don’t forget about me, your best girl, while you are doling those out.”

Katie got a little bit jealous today whenever she caught HER mama petting sister Rose. She would come up and give a little perturbed bark as if to say “Hey, we may have the same dog mama, but this human mama is Mine-All-Mine.” Then she would beg for some lovin’ too. Hopefully Katie will learn I’ve got plenty of love to go around.

Katie says:
Do you think my tongue is long enough or should I consider getting a tongue extension? You know - like some people get hair extensions :-)

Getting to visit my sister Rosie is one of my favorite ever things. What a wonderful day!

Big sloppy kisses and love to all, Katie