Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Little Dancer

About two months ago Natalie began taking dance classes. We found a wonderful school with a very caring and attentive teacher. The class starts with 25 minutes of tap followed by 25 minutes of ballet and ends with 10 minutes of gymnastics. When Natalie first entered the class she was very reserved. Even though she did not speak I could see that her mind was soaking up everything the teacher said. She could not do all of the moves, but she tried her best. Just by looking at her face and body language I didn't know if she was enjoying herself or not. But when I asked her if she likes ballet she said yes, albeit not very enthusiastically. But the next day she asked when she could go to ballet again. The day after that she asked again about going to ballet class…it became a daily occurrence. Finally Tuesday rolled around again and it was time to go to ballet. She was practically jumping for joy. But when she got into the classroom she was again very quiet.
   photo IMG_2865.jpg

Now she has come out of her shell and I can tell that she is enjoying the class not just from her words but from the sparkle in her eyes.  photo IMG_2001.jpeg


LadyBug Dragon said...

What a great video! I'm so glad she's enjoying her dancing! What great concentration building mixed with fun!

Tracy said...

She looks as she is having a wonderful time. I have very vivid memories of my own tap & ballet class, and they still bring a smile to my face 30 years later. I'm sure Natalie will benefit in so many ways from these classes. Blessings Tracy x

Rosadimaggio63 said...

la tua bambina è meravigliosa... guardando le foto in progressione i suoi occhi mutano da tristi a sereni e poi felici ....
Vorrei chiederti:
" Ti domandi mai chi è sua madre e perchè la data in adozione ? "
Buona domenica Myriam