Thursday, April 24, 2014

Springtime Fun

Katie and Louie enjoying a Springtime Walk

 All the girls in Natalie's class just got their costumes for the upcoming recital at the end of May.  Natalie is thrilled with hers.

At the beginning of April Natalie started swimming lessons.  Her teacher is very sweet and patient and Natalie is loving her classes.

Natalie with a couple of friends at school.  I love how her friend has her hand on Natalie's back. They are all such sweet girls.

A rare site: Natalie wearing jeans.  She wore them to the park and immediately changed back into a dress when we got home.

Natalie and the Easter Bunny

Easter Day

The Hunt is on...

Heading out for another trip to the Tunnel Park

Getting dollies ready for bed.  I asked Natalie about the blocks on top of each dolly.  She said that was their snack :)

Natalie lined my bottle collection up and was so proud of her work.  

Here's to hoping for a long spring and a delay of the hot summer days.

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Unknown said...

Natalie is such a princess! She looks so happy. What an awesome momma you are.

Thank you for your positive and cheerful blog. You have a lovely family.

Kind Regards,
Bernadette from Boston