Thursday, November 21, 2013

Natalie and Friends

Yesterday Natalie and I attended a Potluck dinner at her school.  It was so fun to see her interacting with her friends.  For a girl who can sometimes be very quiet she also likes to take charge and show her extroverted side sometimes.  In the video below she shows off her strength as she pulls a couple of the boys around.

Natalie with a couple of her girlfriends.
 photo IMG_2532.jpg

Donna and Mitch… a couple of our very best friends... after they helped us with our Christmas card photo shoot.
 photo DSC06787.jpg

Louie wants in on the love too :)
 photo DSC06785.jpg

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Bebe Blogger said...

Go Natalie! Way to show them boys! I hope you post Christmas pics, Charity....between Louie in a tie and Natalie looking like a Princess, I'm sure they'll be fantastic! :)