Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our First Outing As a Family of Five

A couple of weeks ago Gary and I managed to stuff ourselves, two giant Newfoundland dogs, a child in a large carseat, a stroller, diaper bag and drool rags into my little Toyota RAV4.  It was quite a tight fit, but it felt wonderful for all 5 of us to be going on a little adventure together.  We drove to the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.
Our first family portrait.  We hope to get a better one soon!

The Bridge was built in 1899 and was originally used as an railroad bridge.  It completes a 15 mile trail system known as the Arkansas River Trails.

Natalie munching on her cereal snack

Pretty Boy Louie

We also walked around the wetlands trail which is nearby.

Katie and Louie are so big and high maintenance that despite the fact they they are not quite human I definitely consider myself to be a mother of 3.  It's honestly not always easy. Before Natalie came along I never even noticed how much floor space Katie and Louie take up.  I would just step over them when necessary.  Now when I am in the kitchen Katie, Louie and Natalie are usually there too along with Natalie's doll stroller and other toys scattered about.  It is really chaotic, crowded and noisy at times.  Although I do sometimes get stressed and exhausted I wouldn't change a thing.   It's difficult but not as hard as I thought it would be.  My fear of not having enough energy to keep up never materialized.  Somehow I always manage to get the necessities covered.  
Back in 2008 I posted on this blog about how we originally started out as a family of five.  It feels so right to be back at our starting number.




Bebe Blogger said...

Great pictures w/ beautiful scenery. I, too, feel like our dog is our second child. I can completely relate.

Anonymous said...

I bet Katie & Louie love Natalie, the new addition to your family! Beyond the known Newfie love for children, there's also the fact that toddlers can be wonderful at sharing food [grin]

Cindy & Abbey

Needle little Balance said...

I really like your first family picture, the baby looks happy, you two look happy the dogs look happy, this picture is just great!