Thursday, January 5, 2012

Natalie & Her Great!Grandmother

Right after Christmas, Natalie, her Auntie Leah and I drove to Mulberry, Arkansas for a visit with our Aunt and Uncle, their children, grandchildren and our grandmother.

During all of these years of waiting for Natalie introducing her to her Greatgrandmother is one of the moments I was most looking forward to sharing with her.

Natalie's visit with her Greatgrandmother was so special.  They took to each other very quickly.

Natalie enjoyed catching a ride on her Greatgrandmother's walker.

Natalie's GreatAunt gave her some ribbon toys to pay with.  When she started playing with them I asked her if she wanted to me to hold her dolly.  She shook her head no and held Dolly out for her Greatgrandmother to hold.  If Natalie gives someone her special Dolly that means she really likes them :)

Grandmother made Leah and I beautiful aprons.  Natalie didn't seem to be paying attention when we were trying them on, but the next day she grabbed a cloth shopping bag and put the handles around her neck and started smoothing out her "apron".  Our extremely observant girl doesn't miss anything.
What a wonderful visit with a big group of our amazing family!  We enjoyed seeing everyone.  Natalie made herself right at home.  She seemed to know we were with family.


JackDaddy said...

What wonderful memories she is going to have!

Bebe Blogger said...

Beautiful pictures and sweet memories. Natalie is such a clever little girl...cute story about the apron.