Monday, January 9, 2012

Love From Paris (aka the front porch)

Until a couple of weeks ago Natalie never paid attention to her clothes.  As long as they were comfortable and kept her body at the right temperature she was content.  Now she is starting to have opinions about her attire and sometimes will pick out her own shirt to wear - usually something with an animal on it.  At bedtime she loves to wear her owl or her monkey pjs.  Everytime she see them she squeals and dances around with excitement.

During a recent visit to Target I pulled this little dress off the clearance rack (I'm going to have to teach her to love a good deal as much as I do).  When Natalie saw it she said "Oooh, Oooh, Oooh" and reached out her hands to touch it.  She loved it so much I thought we should have a little photo shoot to mark the occasion.







Me Jane said...

She is too cute for words. Just TOO CUTE!

Needle little Balance said...

I was thinking the same as Me Jane: Natalie is just too cute!

Bebe Blogger said...

Love that outfit! Natalie is quite the fashionista!