Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cousins Are Cool

by Katie the Newf

Last night two cousins came to visit us. I'm not sure exactly what a "cousin" is, but one of them was small and one was tall like Mama. The small cousin remembered the time I gave her a ride in my little red wagon. She begged me to take her again, but understood when Mama said that it was just too hot for me to be outside this time of year. So instead, the small cousin tried to find a toy for us Newfs to play with.

She offered me this big stick, but...

I thought it was more fun to watch the small cousin play with Mama's toys. I wonder why Mama never lets me play with those fun toys.

My brother Louie was B A D. Mama said he needs some lessons on how to behave in our house with kids. Even though he is Mr. Perfect when he goes out on his therapy visits sometimes he gets a little too rowdy when he is at home. He kept wanting to chase the small cousin around. It was like he thought she was his own special playmate. After a few corrections from Mama and Daddy he finally settled down.

I think these cousins are super fun to have around. I hope they come visit again soon.

"Kissing puppies" by our sweet little cousin


Sam said...

Too cute. Amazing that you big guys could be so gentle with a delicate little girl. Be good, Louie!

Ruby Red Dog said...

Louie, you can come and chase me any time. I love being chased!

Maggie Mae said...

You guyz is sooo good with your pretty two-legger. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie MAe

JackDaddy said...

I need to borrow her so that Jack can get used to being around small peoples too! :)