Friday, August 6, 2010

Allie: Therapy Dog in Training

We made a new friend recently. Cute little Allie is a therapy dog in training who wanted to practice with some active therapy dogs. Mama volunteered us which we thought was super cool since we always love to have visitors. Allie was a bit afraid of us at first, but she quickly figured out that we are just big marshmellows. Photobucket

See we are so sweet that we even wait our turn for treats. This shows A LOT of restraint from us 'cause we LOVE food so much!

Best of luck to Allie in her Therapy Dog training and testing.

Love & Licks,
Katie & Louie


JackDaddy said...

Well she seems to be learning from the best!!

Sam said...

How sweet of you guys to be role models for a therapy dog in training. :)

jen said...

What great role models they are.
Best of luck!