Friday, April 16, 2010

School Days: Louie's Special Friend

During our recent visit to a local elementary school, we received an unexpected invitation to visit the special needs classroom. Several of the children there enjoyed getting to meet Louie, but there was one little boy in particular who had an instant and very strong bond with our Newf boy.

When "J" and Louie first met, J couldn't stop laughing at all of the kisses that Louie kept trying to give him. It drove the teacher crazy; she thought Louie's kisses were gross.

But J disagreed with her. He seemed to think Louie's kisses were the best thing ever. In fact he repeatedly made kissy noises to encourage Louie's to show him even more Newfie love.
J talked non-stop about Louie the whole time we were there.

He got to hold Louie's leash

And compare the size of Louie's feet with his hands.

Louie made J extremely happy

And Louie liked J too. Louie stayed by his side the whole visit and greatly preferred him over everyone else in the room.

After we left the room one of the teachers told me that J rarely talks. Yet he talked the whole time we were there. They had never before heard him make noises either like the kissy noise and some other verbalizations he made to Louie.
The power of Newfie Love is strong. Thanks Louie for sharing your love with J and everyone else you meet. We are so proud of you.


Sam said...

Oh, that is awesome. It's nice when therapy dogs offer their companionship, but it's even cooler when they get quiet children to speak and things like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Louie, your love knows no bounds!

JackDaddy said...

I think they understand!

Naren said...

We fell in love with Newfy's after reading about Louie and katie. We look forward to read each blog. Once we move into a house with back yard,we are definitely getting a newfy..( if possible from the same breeder of Louie)

Jerry Walker said...

Knowing what visiting a dog does with my SN kids, I'm sure that "J" spent the next few weeks with his family 'talking' about the visit with Louie.

Our neighbor has a Golden Retriever that my son thinks is his - he just lets them take care of it for him...