Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rally Excellent Times Two

Last Sunday Louie earned his second Rally Obedience Excellent Leg. I finally got the video completed for both shows. You'll see that Louie got distracted a couple of times, but by some miracle I managed to get him back on track each time. He is such a good boy and he did his very best in an environment that was very challenging due to the warm temperature, a dumbbell being thrown in the next ring, another Newfie in the audience, his Dad in the audience, etc. We are thrilled with his Green qualifiying ribbon and his third place finish.

Louie's kennel is his calm place in the middle of the show chaos. Gary is in the rust colored shirt sitting next to Louie who is lying down in his crate. *

Meeting Bayou (from a distance) the only other Newfoundland in attendance

Louie doing the Honor exercise - he was grateful for the chance to rest during the down stay*

Waiting for our ribbons

Louie with his proud parents*

Our friends Tracy and Luna*

Congratulations Louie

Louie with his ribbons and prizes from the weekend

Our thanks to Tracy Hongyun Fu and Feng He for taking the pictures above marked with * and part of the video.


Scooter and Trixie said...


dogsmom said...

Congratulations Louie! It is so difficult to concentrate with so much going on around you. You did a wonderful job.
Thanks for sharing it with those of us who had to stay home.

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