Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Backyard Blues

Sun, sun go away, come again another day. We want more snow and ice. Our backyard is not nearly as exciting now.



Please Mama...make some more snow come.

You Northerners shouldn't be so greedy. Why won't you share your lovely snow with us poor little Newf pups.

This is the end of our sad tale.


JacksDad said...

And what a nice tail it was!!

Remington said...

I agree with JackDaddy! It is a nice tail! I love your yard. Great steps!

Angie said...

We would send you snow if it would stay frozen long enough!! This is my first winter with my Newfoundland and I'm amazed at how much she loves it! I've already started think of how I can make snow cones for her as a special treat thoughout the year!!