Sunday, May 17, 2009

Training Levels Competition

Recently, I starting using a 100% positive dog training method with Katie and Louie commonly called "The Levels". A group of people who also follow this training method started a worldwide competion. Katie and I entered as members of Team Rogue as a newbie team completing mostly level 1 behaviors. All of the rogue members added a twist to their entry by showing how the levels are used in different applications. On our team we have a guide dog, service dog, agility dog, circus dog and Katie the draft dog. Here is our entry:

We had a lot of fun participating and are so thrilled that our good friend introduced us to the levels. Katie and Louie are becoming smarter than ever and are having a blast in the process. I highly, highly recommend checking out the Mind to Mind Training Levels.

Katie getting ready to pull her cart



The Zoo said...

EXCELLENT KATIE!!!!! Charity we are so proud of you guys! You guys are doing an incredible job with your training and I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the videos! You can really see the bond between you guys and I love how much she is willing to please you! What a good girl and Louie is so cute how he wants to join in as well! Tell Gary great job with the videos! Gabe sends kisses to his girl Katie. This just proves she is more than a pretty face! What a smart girl!

JackDaddy said...

I loved the kiss after Katie did her stuff! :)