Sunday, February 15, 2009

Their Greatest Fans

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny February day with a high temperature of 56 degrees. Gary and I decided to take the Newfs on a walk through the neighborhood. We were leisurely strolling along admiring a couple of pretty homes when I noticed two women coming out of one of the homes carrying large garbage bags. When the woman who was wearing a yellow apron looked up and saw us walking down the sidewalk. She eagerly said, "OOOOh, can I PLEASE pet your dogs?" I agreed. She came over and was obviously completely enthralled by Katie and Louie. "I just LOVE Newfies! It's been a dream of mine for a long time to have one." We chatted for a while about the dogs while she loved on them the whole time. At one point she asked to borrow my drool rag. I handed it over thinking she must need to wipe off her hand or her shirt, but instead she reached over to lovingly wipe off Katie's back where Louie had slimed her. Then she explained that she was in the middle of preparing for her brother's wedding shower and that it was starting in 10 minutes! I told her we would be on our way and let her get back to work, but she seemed reluctant to pull herself away from Louie and Katie. Then a car pulled up and she said, "That's my Dad. Can you guys please stay and let him see the dogs. He adores Newfoundlands. In fact, he used to live in Newfoundland and loves the country as well." How could we say no? Her father exited his car and started heading towards us. Upon reaching us he simultaneously began petting the Newfs and bursting into singing a song about Newfoundland. What a riot! When he was done singing he said, "Aren't they just the very best dog breed there is? There is nothing like a Newfoundland!" We, of course, heartily agreed. It was so wonderful to meet people who truly understand the extra special Newfie breed. The woman offered to help me walk the dogs in the future so that she can spend more time with them :-)

And then we meet a couple of people who were not their greatest we entered our alley we ran into a man with two little girls who looked like they were about 5 and 6 years old. They wanted to ask lots of questions about the dogs. I gave each of the dogs a little biscuit and the drool started flowing. The girls thought it was gross and asked why they did it. Gary told them that K&L tend to drool when there is food around. The little girl hadn't seen me give them the biscuit so she responded with "Are WE the food?" I laughed for a long time about this one.



Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Katie and Louie are great ambassadors for the breed!

Kristine said...

We too make some very interesting friends on walks. Newfies are the ultimate conversation starter.

Kathryn and Ari said...

Wow. That's so wonderful. I love that your beautiful therapy dogs are always on the job (at least in a matter of speaking).

PS- that last photo is just too lovely!

The Zoo said...

Awesome story!