Saturday, February 28, 2009

From Wild Man to Sleeping Angel

Despite a walk this morning, Louie was quite wild today. He was running around the house and yard like a total maniac...out the doggie door, up the outside stairs, rapidly circling around the upper part of the yard, down the stairs, running around the lower part of the yard, throwing himself through the dog door, flying into the kitchen to bite his sister playfully to entice her to chase him, then two Newfies running together into the living room. At this point I had to put an end to the madness. It's too dangerous for them to run on the hardwood floors.

To burn off some of his excess energy, I started playing with Louie. I pulled out Katie's old toy LambBo for Louie to wrestle. He fell in love with LambBo and then promptly fell asleep on his new friend.




All of that craziness can really wear a puppy out.

After Louie awoke from his beauty sleep we did some rally obedience training out in the alley. It was sleeting the whole time which seemed to do wonders for Katie and Louie's training. The crisp weather put them in just the right frame of mind to be very attentive and do extremely well on all of their exercises. They are both going to compete in a Rally trial in about three weeks. Wish us luck because we will need it. They both have difficulty staying focused in places where there are lots of distractions. Our main goal though for the trial weekend is to get exposure and have fun. I'm sure we can manage to accomplish that.

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Kristine said...

Looks like the perfect daytime friend and nighttime pillow.

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