Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last Thursday I tried to teach Katie the "Speak" command like I taught Lincoln, the Husky, by saying the word and then giving an example bark. Katie looked at me with a puzzled face and could not figure out what I was trying to ask her to do. Friday I went on the internet and found a tip that said you should say speak right before you have someone ring the doorbell. Gary and I did this routine just twice and Katie grasped the concept in less than two minutes. We did some more practice today and Katie decided this is great fun.

Waiting for a Command

Full Body Woof!

Howling Woof!

Katie says, "Yes, I am drooling just a little, but you would too if your mama feed you yummy wheat-free organic treats like I get. See my older, but much smaller, sister Scarlett in the background? She gets treats for free because she is a very senior dog. Mama makes me work for mine. Don't tell her I said this cause I don't want those pup treats to stop coming, but to me the "work" is a treat in itself. After all I am a working dog and we are happiest when given a job."

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