Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do Newfies Shed??? Just a little...ha!

People that Katie and I encounter on our walks usually admire her pretty coat and then ask if she sheds a lot. I always tell them that she sheds quite a bit when I brush her, but that I don't see much Newf hair floating around the house. Lincoln and Scarlett, the huskies, used to leave copious amounts of hair everywhere they went. I was expecting the same from a Newf, and I am really pleased that I don't find Newfie hair in our butter as most Newf owners do. I brush Katie throughly twice a week and try to do daily touch ups. Tonight I really went crazy with the furminator as you can see. This is all from her rear end. Isn't it strange how the dead undercoat on the table looks grey instead of black?

If you are ever considering getting a Newf refer back to this picture and remember that they are high maintenance and not for the faint of heart or arm. I am building up some serious arm muscles from all of this grooming.


Cub the Newf said...

My 2lggd mom says that, if only you knew how, you could knit that stuff into a whole 'nother dog! Maybe not another Newf, maybe a little gray Pomeranian, haha!

Bubba the Cub

Sue and Robert said...

Well Charity,
I just noticed my tag and is now posted on my blog:

Katie is probably 3 dogs in there... She sure is a cutie!


Kathryn and Ari said...

Oh, we empathize! Ari just started her biannual "coat blowing." I was so fed up, I decided to blog about it too. Misery loves company!

The Muehli's said...

Why is it that the rear end fur just never wants to come out AT ALL?? Brushing twice a week, huh? I wish that would work for us...have to find some new bait to get Ayla to lay still for a while longer I think! :)

Gary,Charity,Scarlett&Katie said...

Yes, the rear end of a Newf is SO hard to groom. The furminator was the only tool that made a dent in it. I'm going to tackle the front and middle sections this weekend, by the time I get done I will have arms of steel :-)

Kathryn and Ari said...

We're thrilled to link blogs--thanks!

Jennifer said...


We are 'Bella and Gabe. I'm 'Bella and I'm a black Newfoundland. Gabe is my baby brother and he is a Landseer Newf. Ummmm...yes, we shed. We slobber too. But we give back so much love that our people just put up with the fur and fluggers.

May we link to your blog? We love to visit Newfie blogs (and other 4 leggers)

Slobbers and woofs from,
'Bella and Gabe the Newfoundlands