Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday!!!!!

About 5 months ago Natalie turned 5.  Maybe someday I'll get back to keeping this blog caught up, but I doubt it.  My girl just keeps me too busy.

Natalie had her 5th birthday party at the Museum of Discovery again and like last year she chose to have a safari party. This year the animals she chose were an albino corn snake, a chinchilla, a black rabbit, an insect from Australia called a prickly stick, and I think the other animal was a lizard of some sort.

There were 20 children in Natalie's Pre-K class, but we didn't have space for all of them.  I let Natalie choose who to invite and she cracked me up by making her choices based on how the children behave in school.  Two children were eliminated because "they don't listen to the teacher".  Another was mean to other children.  Natalie is usually a rule follower and she wants others around her to do the same.

Everyone had a wonderful time.  Natalie was a very happy birthday girl!

Natalie is fascinated by snakes.  Her favorites are King snakes and Rattlesnakes.

Natalie wasn't scared to touch this big prickly stick.

Petting a chinchilla, the animal with the softest fur in the world.

Happy Birthday Precious Natalie!!

Natalie and a sweet friend check out the dinosaur bones.

One of Natalie's favorite friends. 
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair.

Surprised face when she got one of her favorite gifts, a Sofia the First schoolhouse.

Wearing her birthday crown that she got at school.  She got special privileges all day, like being the line leader.

Natalie dressed up like the Fairy doll that she got for her birthday.

Modeling one of her birthday presents, an Elsa dress complete with an Elsa side braid


Shi -yu said...

Happy Birthday Natalie. Thanks mum for taking good care of Natalie.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you both, Natalie Wan Han you are very pretty. Hope life is getting better everyday. Have a great summer.
xo Janis