Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Day of Firsts at Coney Island

On our last full day in New York Natalie, Sissy and I took an hour long train ride to Coney Island.

On the way to a fun filled day

Natalie wanted to ride this swing ride which was rated "High Thrill".  Sissy and I both thought that the 100 foot assent into the air might be a bit much for Natalie's first ever amusement park ride, but Natalie was determined to try it.  She was not a bit scared.  After the ride was over she said she had fun, but that it didn't go fast enough :)
We rode a few tame rides.

Natalie decided she wanted to ride this roller coaster which was rated "Medium thrill".  There weren't any big drops - just lots of tight curves and super fast speed.

Natalie had a big smile on her face after her roller coaster ride and was ready to do it again.
She also rode the log ride which had a 40' extremely steep drop.  That was her favorite!

Natalie also experienced the ocean for the first time.  At first she was a bit scared of the motion of the waves, but after a short time she fell in love with it and it was hard to drag her away.  We played in the sand, looked for seashells and jumped the waves over and over and over.

On the Train ride home

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