Monday, April 1, 2013

A Very Hoppy Easter

Natalie's 2nd Easter at the Happy Haus was even better than last year.  On Good Friday we took our first ever trip together to the mall to have Natalie's picture made with the Easter Bunny.  She was a bit nervous about it, but bravely sat on his lap.  She ended up staying with him for a few minutes while Papa (Natalie's granddad) and I picked out which photo we liked best.  When I went to get her I asked if she wanted to give the Easter bunny a hug which she did.  Then she surprised me by kissing him on the cheek.  She seemed to be pretty thrilled with the whole experience.
 photo EasterbunnyNatalie.jpg

Natalie's Easter egg hunt was indoors this year due to heavy rains over the weekend.  As you will see in the below video she had a blast.  I think Gary, Marm, Papa and I had just as much fun watching her.

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Sherri said...

What a little cutie! Love the egg hunt inside. And I have to say her pail held a lot of stuff, all those bowls :-) - way too cute. Happy Easter!