Thursday, July 12, 2012

We ❤ Sesame Street

Natalie is really enjoying Sesame Street these days.  She will frequently stand in front of my computer and ask for "Movie, Movie".  Once I put her in my desk chair she will request/demand "Elmo!  Cookie!".  Those are her two current favorite characters.  The Cookie part is a bit ironic since we don't even keep cookies in our house.  Elmo comes up in conversation every day. We sing his song about brushing your teeth every night. Sometimes Natalie will also refer to Elmo by saying things like "Elmo eat oatmeal"(as she eats her oatmeal) or "Elmo sad"(usually because she is remembering a past booboo).

There are over 1,200 videos on the Sesame YouTube channel.  I picked out Natalie's favorites along with some that I think teach great lessons.  I grouped them into categories so we can focus on related topics at different times.  She usually gets to watch Sesame Street for about 20 minutes a day while I am getting supper on the table.

My personal favorite is the Sesame Dance playlist.  Natalie and I love to dance around the room to those songs.  We thought we would share our picks with some of our friends who have young children.  Enjoy!

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Bebe Blogger said...

Aw, too cute! Audrey loved Elmo, too.