Friday, February 24, 2012

Strolling With My Baby

One of Gary's friends gave Natalie a doll stroller that their child had outgrown.  We gave it to Natalie and it was an instant hit.

She and her baby strolled around the house (both backward and forward) for about 20 minutes while I was preparing dinner.


Checking on baby.

Will you leave me in peace now while I play with my new stroller?
When I told Natalie it was time to wash hands and eat she got extremely upset.  I guess she wanted to stroll all night long.  Despite her protests we had dinner.  As soon as we were done she was right back to strolling until it was time for her bath.  This morning before school she told her baby and stroller bye-bye.  I think I know what Natalie will be doing for a good portion of the weekend.

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