Sunday, July 31, 2011

Enough Fur for Two Dogs!

Better late than never, I guess. Now that summer is more than half over Louie has finally "decided" to blow his coat. All of this fur came off of him in 20 minutes.
Hopefully Louie will be a little cooler now. You would think after all that he would look naked, but he still has tons of fur left.

If you are curious about how I got so much hair off of him so quickly. Here is a picture of the tool I used:
It's a grooming rake with rotating and retracting pins. It conforms to the dog's body as you use it, so it's pain-free. Katie and Louie seem to enjoy being groomed with it. When Newfoundlands are blowing coat I have found that this tool removes undercoat faster than any other.


Summer said...

I just found your blog and since I'm a dog lover I think it's great! Your newfies are beautiful. We have one that comes to our school for a reading program and I don't know who enjoys Jonah more, me or the kids. I wish you well with your adoption and hope it happens soon. I'll be stopping back :-)

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Your dogs are gorgeous! We have a Newfie, Buster, who will be 2 in November. I look forward to future posts!