Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Very Good Friday/How to Introduce Yourself to a Dog You Don't Know

Louie and Katie spent Good Friday doing what they love best (besides eating): Working!Photobucket

They took turns teaching a lesson to second graders. The lesson of the day was "How to Introduce Yourself to a Dog You Don't Know."
Louie was such a patient boy and listened intently to my lecture.

I tried to make the lesson very simple in hopes that the kids might remember it the next time they meet a stranger dog. We used one hand to keep track of the five rules.

#1 Be quiet! (I told the students to be quiet and calm around dogs they don't know.)

#2 Do not stare into the dog’s eyes. (I explained a little bit about canine body language and how they perceive this as a threat.)

#3 Ask your parent!
Ask the dog owner!
Ask the dog!
(If the dog is backing away from you and acting reluctant don't try to pet it even if the adults told you it was ok. Let the dog come to you.)

#4 Hold out your fist for the dog to sniff.

#5 Pet the dog under the chin.
(Don't reach over the top of their heads and don't come up behind them.)

After we reviewed the rules each child got to come practice on Louie. They had all met him back in November for reading day, so he worked out well for a first practice attempt.





Next Katie, a true stranger dog, came in the room. All the kids practiced again with her and everyone did a fantastic job! We had so much fun with this group of awesome students. It was a great way to spend our Good Friday.


Berts Blog said...

Hey you guys, I just found your site and was so excited. I get to go into the schools and teach kids how to meet us dogs too. Vickie talks about the same exact things you do.

You guys are wonderful to look at so I bet the kids just love it when you come.

I can't wait to see more pictures of your adventures.


Beth (Ma Ma Sista!) said...

You know, Charity, Katie and Louie have it rough. Getting to go in and see cute kids and have them love and rub them.....tough life, LOL.

I LOVE the photo of Louie with his eyes shut. He is just eating it up!

Bailey Be Good! said...

Thanks so much for following me! I'm so glad you found me, because I am more than glad I found you! You doggies are so beautiful! (and so BIG!).

Woofs & hugs,


Erin said...

Thank You for following us! Beautiful, Beautiful Dogs!!! Great post, Erin is very leery of new visitors to our home. I have to warn adults and children alike not to try and touch her but to wait until she comes to them and shows signs of acceptance. I myself forget the rules on occasion. Great reminder for everyone.

Adien Crafts said...

Thanks for visiting us, it's lovely to see your photo's. What a great day teaching the children, you are such a softy Louie (we have a Louis too, just spelt differently) - he's a softy too but a little shy. Nice to meet you all, Dex & Louis x