Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friends + Newfs = FUN!

Three wonderful friends from Memphis came to stay with us this weekend. We all had a blast together going for long walks and playing games. Katie and Louie were charmed by our guests and ran up to their bedroom first thing this morning to give them time-to-wake-up kisses.Photobucket

"C" was a big help to me by walking Katie while I walked Louie yesterday at the Big Dam Bridge. C and Katie quickly became the best of friends. Today when we went for a walk in the woods I let Katie off her leash. C and Katie stayed close together the whole time. Once when Katie went the wrong way C called her and she ran as fast as she could to his side. Katie responded so well to him and C was extremely attentive and observant of her.

I love this picture of "J" and Louie...two super cuties. Louie got a little rambunctious when he first met J for a few seconds until I firmly told him that even though she likes to bounce around she is not a puppy to wrestle with. After that reminder Louie was a perfect gentleman for the rest of their visit.

Our 3 friends with the Newfs

We were so sad for our friends to leave, but very grateful we got to spend this wonderful time with them.


Beth (Ma Ma Sista!) said...

Katie is stylin' with the hair doo!

carolyn said...

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend! Charity and Gary - you guys are awesome!!!
Love Carolyn, C & J

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