Saturday, June 19, 2010

Signs of Summer

Summer arrived early this year and we can't wait for it to be over.

It's already about a MILLION degrees outside so we are faithfully performing our fan worshiping ritual daily. (Note: all three fans are on in this picture; our camera just has a speedy shutter.)

In the summer the homemade bread that Mama makes rises higher than during the cold winter months...too bad we can't eat any due to our wheat free diet. We do get to sample the organic vegetables from our local community supported agriculture program though. Our favorites are watermelon, kale stems, broccoli and least summer has a few benefits.

Everyone who has Newfs can probably relate to this picture. We like to lie right on top of the air conditioning vents. We think it's hilarious when Daddy comes along and slides us off of them. As soon as he turns his back we scoot right back until the whole vent is blocked again. If they didn't mean for Newfs to lie on the vents they should have put them somewhere other than the floor!

Happy Summer everyone! We hope you all stay nice and cool. Love and Licks from Katie & Louie


Maggie Mae and Max said...

Katie and Louie,
Summer heat has finally arrived in upstate NY too so I knows just how you feels.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Unknown said...

Beautiful doggies and beautiful flowers. Happy summer and Happy Father's Day!

JacksDad said...

All our vents are on the ceiling, so I never get to sleep on any of them. I just sleep on the cool floor instead!!