Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time to Meditate

About a year ago I discovered that Katie likes to meditate with me. I usually meditate around the middle of each day for 30 minutes. Several times on the weekends, Katie talked Gary into letting her into the bedroom when I was meditating. She wouldn't disturb me at all, but would simply lie down on the floor beside where I was on the bed. When I would finish she would get up and go somewhere else. I started asking her "Katie, do you want to go meditate?" Now she always follows me into the bedroom and lays in this spot whenever I say that. It's strange to have a dog with the word "meditate" in their vocabulary, but doesn't she look like she's great at it? A natural Zen Master...


When little Louis first came home, he wasn't too keen on the whole meditation thing, but after a little bit of practice he now runs into his crate and almost instantly goes into a deep meditation or what some might call a puppy nap ;-) I love having the Newfs near me all the time, but it is especially nice when I'm meditating as they send out nothing but good energy.

Louis looks so cute in his crate with his poofy hair spilling out of the bars and his big butt squishing his BearBo friend.



The Zoo said...

LOL! I knew they liked yoga but now they meditate too? Your kids are so well rounded!!! Love it!

P.S. Louis does look super cute in his cage... He's getting so big! How much does he weigh now?

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

We think you are going to need to get a bigger crate! That one has wall-to-wall newf! "Meditate" ... that's a good one. H-Mom is going to introduce that word into Booker's vocabulary.